In 2013, The Amigo Saxophone Quartet was invited to form a octet for the Singapore Saxophone Symposium. Since then, we have become known as the Amigo Saxophone Collective. While the majority of our work still function as a quartet, we do love having as many of us coming to play together. The members that are actively a part of the quartet forms the majority of the octet.

Members of the group are (click on the names to view their biography):
Joshua Hyde 
Wong Tak Chiu 
Asagi Ito 
Leslie Wong 
Melanie Larsson 
Wu Wen Chin 
Yoko Igarashi 
Hugo Loi 
Phil Pierick 
Xavier Larsson 
Pieter Pellens 
                                                                                 Tae Young Kim                                                                                  
Nele Tiebout 
Nathan Bogert

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