Asagi ITO (born in Osaka) is a Japanese saxophonist based in Brussels. She studied saxophone in the Tokyo National University of the Fine arts and the Music (the class of Masataka Hirano, Kazuo Tomioka, Nobuya Sugawa), then she entered the National Conservatory of Paris (the class of Claude Delangle) in 2009. And then she studied chamber music with Lazslo Hadady and Michel Moragues, also with Paul Mayer and Erick Le Sage in the Regional Conservatory of Paris. She has been granted the Fellowship to study in France under the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists, which send young artists of proven talent abroad. And she has received support from the Mayer Foundation.

From September 2014, she makes her musical activities in Brussels and studies in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in a teaching course with the Belgian Goverment’s scholarship.

She won the 4th prize of the 4th Jean-Marie Londeix international saxophone competition ( 2014 ), 2nd prize of the Japan Wind and Percussion competition ( 2008 ) and 1st prize of the 3rd Saxophone competition in Paris ( 2012 ), and she was finalist of Adolphe Sax international saxophone competition ( France, 2012 ).

She plays in many orchestras in Japan, the Japan Philharmonic orchestra, the Tokyo philharmonic orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, and Geidai Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. She has also given concerts in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, France etc.

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